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About Catchwater

A catchwater collects precipitation and runoff, channeling rivulets into reservoirs, where the resource can be safely stored for the nourishment of its community. 

The goal of Catchwater Magazine is to collect art of all kinds, to be channeled onto this digital gallery and shared with readers. We aim to support emerging artists as well as longtime creators, and form a creative community online, through workshops, events, and the shared experience of the art posted here. 

Thank you for joining us!


Issue 1: Time

Issue 2: Junk

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Issue 5: Media

As an online platform, our goal is to showcase as much creativity as possible, so if you have ideas that might not fit into what might be considered the usual parameters of a lit mag, please pitch them to us! (Songs? Video clips? Recipes? 4D experiences?? We wanna hear about ‘em.)

Submit here! Submission guidelines in Google Form.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave us a message through the contact form.

Miranda, Adrienne, and Emma

Catchwater Team

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